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James Rossi has an inimitable voice. His two decades of experience, as singer and actor on stage and in the studio, have honed his voice’s flexibility, believability, and tonal quality. James will interpret your scripts intelligently and with spot-on energy; whether you’re looking for a narrator who is calm and friendly, boisterous and funny, or commanding and confident - or anywhere in between!

James Rossi has narrated for such companies as Kaust Catalysis Center, a Saudi Arabian research facility; Lennar Homes, a Fortune 500 company based in Florida; and Wilder Presentations, an organization for executive coaching. For business inquiries, contact James at jamesrossimusic@gmail.com - and be sure to check out the "Ads Demo" above.

James has also been busy with The Sherlock Holmes Story Club, available only on Patreon. With a new short story every month and the occasional fun-fact-filled bonus episode, James brings a slew of Victorian characters to life in these classic mystery tales! Check them out at patreon.com/jamesrossi - and be sure to listen to the "Audiobook Demo" above.